Goodbye Ocean, Hello Desert

One of the items on my bucket list was to live in San Diego, at least for a year. So when my husband, Joel, and I both got jobs in San Diego, with literally the same start dates, we decided we would pack up our house in Gilbert, AZ and give San Diego a try.


San Diego was such a blast. We went to the beach at least three times a week, swam in the ocean, boogie boarded, learned how to semi-surf (it was so hard), and ate a lot of dope fish tacos.


Joel and I also learned so much more about each other and became even closer. The experience of living somewhere where we didn’t know anyone (until my sister moved to San Diego) and having only each other to rely on was monumental.


But, we also lived in a tiny house (and paid way too much for it), with two big dogs and no backyard. Our neighbor’s were so close we could hear them talking at the dinner table. We learned A LOT about our neighbors, maybe a little too much! To top it off, every Tuesday night, the homeless would come and dig through our trash cans, which were right by our bedroom. We didn’t have A/C, so the windows were always open- basically, every Tuesday night I was scared lol. Yes, first world problems.


So, we decided after a year we were`ready to go back home where there was less traffic, cheaper rent, more backyard space and parking. Thank God for parking spaces here in AZ. I waisted so much of my life trying to find parking in San Diego. Joel said it made him, “physically ill”!


We are so happy to be back in Arizona and I’m pretty sure our dogs are stoked to have grass and so much more area to run and sniff. I’m looking forward to all the hikes here in Arizona and when summer hits, I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself for moving back, but that’s why we have Airbnb and Southwest for! Summer vacation planning starts now!




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