Wind Cave

The Wind Cave in the Tonto National Forest was just what I needed yesterday! I have been job hunting for the last month and all the job interviews and waiting around for answers was really getting to me. Plus it has been “freezing” cold in Arizona recently so yesterday was finally sunny and beautiful.


When you first enter Usery Mountain Park you have to pay a $6 fee. They take credit card as well as cash.

The park was beautiful, lots of desert landscape and a great panoramic view.


I did however get lost on the trail. Due to a large storm some parts of the trail are a bit washed away, so it is worth a second look to make sure you’re on the correct path. When I was on the trail, I stepped over this pretty obvious barrier, but what made me feel better was so did a lot of other folks, so… I was the only one!


If you see this, keep left and don’t walk over it, you will get stuck in a bunch of cacti and have to find your way out!

But once you’re on the right trail, it is a great workout and an even better view.


Once you reach the top of the summit, there is a sign that points to the wind cave, which you will recognize immediately.


There are a ton of chipmunks in the cave and oh my goodness, I fell in love with all of them.






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