Papago Park Adventures

I’ve lived in Arizona for over eight years and can’t believe it took me this long to hike around Papago Park in Phoenix, AZ. My sister and I parked at the Phoenix Zoo and walked through a path that eventually led to Galvin Parkway. We jaywalked across Galvin and made it to the other side of Papago Park, which has an abundance of fun rock formations and small mountains to climb.

We stumbled upon this glorious mountain, where we hiked to the top and had to rock climb the rest of the way. Fortunately, I am a rule follower and convinced my sister it was too dangerous to rock climb the rest of the way without having proper gear. So we decided to sit in the shade and take in the amazing view of the city.

We explored the trails around Papago Park some more and then headed back to the Phoenix Zoo parking area, which led us to the Hole in the Rock. I was super impressed with how beautiful it was in person. It was a short hike on the way up to the “hole” and there were a ton of families there taking pictures, but it was totally worth it. I recommend not going on a weekend, as there were a slew of people up there enjoying the view as much as we were, but guarantee it would have been more enjoyable without all the tourists 🙂 … img_9247


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