Mount Laguna

My sister Ashlyn and I decided we were going to hike Agua Dulce Loop located in Mount Laguna, California. Being the big sister I am, I printed off the map of the trail, directions to the trailhead, just in case we lost service, and even had cash ready for our adventure passes we needed to purchase.


The Agua Dulce Loop is 6.2 miles long and allows dogs while on a leash, so I was super stoked to bring our pups! However, even with all the preparation, we somehow parked at the wrong side of the trailhead, which was a huge mistake. Something we wouldn’t figure out until the end of the hike.

Me realizing we weren’t on the right path

It was about 90 degrees when we went, so although we brought enough water for us and the dogs, it was so hot that we ended up running out about a half mile from the end. So if you do go on this hike, make sure to bring even more water than you anticipate drinking.


When we did come to the end of the loop, we realized that our car was at a different trailhead about 6 miles back. At this point, we were exhausted and so were the dogs. Ashlyn being the great sister that she is decided she would run back, alongside the highway, back to our car and save the day. What a CHAMP!


After getting safely back in the car and being fully rehydrated, we were so happy we did the hike. It was amazingly peaceful. We only saw about two other people on the trail and were able to really soak in the forest and be one with nature! 😉 Not only that, but the dogs fricken loved being out of our tiny San Diego house, running around.




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