Why I Love Kombucha

To start off, one of the many reasons we moved back to Arizona from San Diego was because I wanted to shop at Whole Foods exclusively. I couldn’t keep spending the amount of money I was spending at Whole Foods and live by the beach…Yes, I know it is pricey and there are many alternatives to shopping organically elsewhere, but it’s my happy place.

Every time I walk into Whole Foods, I get this euphoric feeling of extreme happiness. It’s like I just hiked a mountain type of feeling, but BETTER. Organic food to the max, the smell of lavender essential oil filling my nostrils and the AMAZING salad bar that I drool over. Not to mention, their kombucha selection is always on and poppin’. Which leads me to the topic of this blog, which is my obsession with kombucha.

Kombucha is definitely an acquired taste. It’s a bit like tasting apple cider vinegar but bubbly. I loved it the first time I sipped the glorious fermented tea. I try to drink one at least once a week to get my fill of naturally crafted probiotics for gut health, stability and clarity.  Although not scientifically proven, anytime I start to feel a zit coming on, I drink some kombucha and BAM, my face clears up. It’s like magic in a bottle.

Here are some of my fav kombucha companies and flavors:

  1. C Botanicals – Turmeric and Cardamom is to die for
  2. GT’s Kombucha – Gingerade Enlightened Kombucha is so good
  3. Health-Aid – Ginger Lemon is great just a little pricey

As a note, kombucha does have naturally occurring alcohol and good bacteria from the fermentation process, so it has been deemed possibly unsafe for pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding.


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